Mission and Culture


Global Foods Incorporated is a national foods sales and distribution company. Our primary markets include schools, correctional institutions, and food banks. Our goal is to be highly respected in our industry. We believe that customer satisfaction is achieved by operating with integrity while providing excellent customer service, cost savings, and great products.

Core Values

Mutual trust, integrity and respect are the core values in all our relationships.

We value our employees

We believe that Global Foods’ employees are its greatest asset. We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce and leadership team. We are committed to making every person in the company part of the team and integral to the success of meeting all of our cooperative goals. We recognize accomplishments, encourage ideas and achievement and are committed to ongoing personal training.

We serve the customer

We are dedicated to building rewarding, long-term relationships by satisfying customers’ expectations and exceeding their needs. We allow ourselves to see opportunities from a fresh prospective in order to serve our customers in creative new ways. We hold ourselves to the highest standards possible, and we do what we say we’re going to do. We provide outstanding customer service, quality products and timely deliveries.

We practice teamwork

We believe that communication and cooperation are the keys to our success. We cultivate an environment where sharing ideas, skills and resources are welcome. We empower and embrace our differences. We are committed to treating each other with dignity and respect.

Open Invitation

Las Vegas is an international destination and we see many of our customers here. We truly enjoy customer visits and extend the invitation to visit our office.

Global Foods focuses on an innovative vision of the future, but we also maintain a balanced perspective based on our successful and solid business background.

Our Culture

When we talk about our culture, we talk about our people and our services in equal doses with a healthy addition of passion. It's a recipe that yields great results. We've become a place where people find a permanent home. From entry-level employees to senior staff, our people call Global Foods’ "family." Our common goal is to build Global Foods into the leader of National Specialized Food Distribution. Not the biggest, just the best. How will we do it? By providing the tools our staff need to be successful and more importantly, by providing personalized time and support to each individual. Even with excellent people, you cannot build the best company overnight. We've chosen to follow a sensible, well-managed and well-paced growth plan that will allow us to have a strong, long-term national presence.